Why Sustainability?

We developed a love of gardening and nature at an early age, having grown up in households that farmed and raised their own food.  There was no doubt we would enter “retirement” by starting up our produce and egg business, it was just a case of where and when.View to garden arbor 1

What better place to begin our agricultural venture, than a property in need of restoration.  The clearing of overgrown weeds and brush has already done a lot to prepare the land for growing good chemical free produce.

Now is the time.  We’ve watched as our country’s food source has become less nutritional and more harmful to the health of our population and planet.  Too many have lost touch with nature and where real food comes from.  In this time of overly processed foods, inhumane treatment of livestock, and over-consumption, we hope to provide others a healthier and greener way to live.

Delawares and Rhode Island Reds 3It feels good knowing we are raising healthy happy chickens, while they help to amend the soil for future gardens.  Whether it be in our agricultural or creative pursuits, we strive to practice sustainability through re-purposing, re-furbishing, and organics.


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