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RindyBerry became a reality in the spring of 2011 after purchasing a 2.5 acre property tucked into the beautiful Sugar River countryside. This was a great deal less acreage than our initial plan, but the rather new outbuilding and passive solar house (something we had once considered building) left us feeling it was meant to be. The house was in much need of repair and the land, which pastured pigs and sheep in the past, had been reclaimed by Mother Nature. We’re very excited about the potential this place holds.

pullet_eggsSustainability is practiced by dividing our tillable acreage into three sections, allowing rotation of the vegetable gardens and meat bird pastures. The gardens also benefit from the meat birds plentiful composted manure along with the diligent pest control of our free range heritage breed laying hens and rooster. They just love those garden insects that we despise . . . lucky us!! The chickens work our gardens pre and post planting. They dig up the grubs in the spring before being moved to their summer run. In the fall they return to clean up any produce left as treats for them to feast on.

It is not all farm work here at RindyBerry. We both exercise our creative side through various arts and crafts projects, many that incorporate our quest to re-purpose whenever possible. Currently we sell our items in various local venues, with plans to sell over the Internet.

We invite you to follow along on our blog, as we share what we know, our experiences, and what we learn on this continued journey to a sustainable future.

7 thoughts on “About US

  1. Jacob
    Kathy - 10 years ago

    Getting a good start!!

    1. Jacob
      Sandy Rindy - 10 years ago

      Thanks – now need to keep it going.

  2. Jacob
    Michael Isabell - 10 years ago

    Glad to see you in “blog form”! I have you on my “top sites” now, so let the writing begin! Feel free to take photos of the house now, too, since it has been many a month since I have been there. Do you have plants started or held over in the solar room? Photos, photos, and more photos would be wonderful to see! 😉

    1. Jacob
      Sandy Rindy - 10 years ago

      Hello fellow gardner, homesteader & friend!! Glad to be in “blog form”. I will have plenty of photos of the house and property as we go along. Funny you should ask about plant starting in the solarium. That will be touched on and the focus on the next couple of blogs. Guess I better get at it 🙂

  3. Jacob
    Cindy Colombo - 10 years ago

    Yay for a web presence! 🙂

  4. Jacob
    Kim Bautch Weisensel - 8 years ago

    Congratulations on your success! So very happy for you.

    1. Jacob
      Sandy Rindy - 8 years ago

      Thank you and so good to hear from you! It’s been quite a journey and a great way to retire. Although I feel I’m busier now than when I was working full time. 😉

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