Tis the season for Art & Craft Fairs.

Re-purposing is important to me, and by scouring Craigslist, bargain bins, thrift stores and the occasional yard sale I’ve built up quite a supply of “treasures”.  Now it’s time to put them to use.  In the past I’ve set up at our local art & craft fair.  My display of was sparse since I was working full time. 2013 UFO Craft Show  To fill in the empty table space, I added of a few gift baskets and  magnetic board full of magnets my Mother had made.

Now that I’m retired and spending much of my spare time in the work room I’ve decided to set up at a couple of local events.  Here are some of the projects I’ve been working on.

Decoupage Serving Tray:

After removing the glass and backing from one of several picture frames purchased at UW Swap, a wooden bottom was added.serving tray1 serving tray3

The next step was to incorporate a couple of place mats a friend had given me along with scraps of hand made paper and cupboard door pulls from our local Habitat Re-Store serving tray5 Several coats of satin finish varnish and a cork bottom completes the serving tray.serving tray. adjd

Decoupage Coasters:

Another great find at the Habitat Re-Store, were these stone tiles.coasters 1

They’re just the ticket for coasters made from wall paper sample books (found at a yard sale) and a pack of coasters purchased from Cluck the Chicken Store.coasters 2 coasters 3  A few coats of flat varnish, cork backing and my coasters are complete.coasters 5

Decoupage Wall Decor & Ornaments:

Several mirrors and some ornaments found at yard sales are a great canvas for my decoupage projects. wall decor 1ornaments 1

With the addition of various papers, a few embellishmentsornaments adjd  which include some botanical goodies I’ve gathered and pressed . . .wall decor crpd the yard sale finds are ready to go.

Well I’m almost ready for my second and last craft fair for 2014.  I’ve just finished replenishing my basket of Lavender Dryer Bags.  These were a hot item at the last sale.lavender dryer bags

With some kitchen towels and dish cloths added to the mix,dish cloths and towels the only thing left is to make up a few more note cards . . .note cards another good seller.

Rod made the display for my wall hangings and a handy card rack that spins, so I can have cards on both sides.  An added feature is the drawer in the base, it’s just the ticket for surplus cards.  I just love it!

One thought on “Tis the season for Art & Craft Fairs.

  1. Sandy Rindy
    Natalie Gaba - 8 years ago

    Please do a write up on the sprouting to feed the girls.

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