Time for an Update

We are finally making progress on the clean up from last year’s storm damage.  The arbor that had been attached to a raised garden bedstorm damage to arbor 2016 gardens 2 has been re-built – YEA!!

The third of our large garden plots is now established and planted with five rows of potatoes and several of sweet corn.2016 gardens 1  Squash will be planted on the edge so we can train the runners to go up the hill eliminating even more mowing (we hope).

The other two plots have been worked up, one is planted in sunflowers and native corn, while the second is all grass seed for this year’s meat bird pasture.2016 gardens 3With the coop moved into place, we just have to fix the roof (more storm damage) and we’ll be ready to brood chicks next month.

Two years ago we planted 300+ asparagus roots and six apple trees.2014 view This spring we had blossoms on our trees and three or four light harvests from our asparagus bed! Then the temps dropped below freezing a couple of nights.  That took care of any apples and asparagus for this year. 2016 gardens 4  No real harm done and next year should be a bumper crop!

It looks like we will have plenty of raspberries . . . 2016 gardens 5 but we will definitely need to cover them with netting.

There has been no shortage of weeds this year, especially thistles.  We try to pull all the unwanted vegetation, but Mother Nature has cultivated a lovely crop of milk weed for her Monarchs.  2016 gardens 11

They have really flourished around the pond which needs to be rebuilt.2016 gardens 12 We think the display camouflages it nicely.

One area we have neglected to pull weeds in is the closed in run for our little garden chickens.Dotts weed retreat 2  These three bantams have made a path to their little outdoor shelter which is kind of cute, but I’m pretty sure those will be the next weeds to go.Dotts weed retreat 3

Included in all of our storm damage last year was the loss of our gazebo.  Since our patio has absolutely no shade . . .Gazebo prep 1 we purchased another gazebo and were lucky enough to find the same one on sale this spring.  Now we just have to finish planting and we’ll have shade to relax in while enjoying our garden. 2016 gardens 15With a fourth raised bed in place and a fresh load of black dirt, we should have the remainder planted this week, just in time for out young helper to spread the bark mulch.

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2 thoughts on “Time for an Update

  1. Sandy Rindy
    Debbie Bucek - 7 years ago

    I wondered where you had gone. Everything looks amazing.

    1. Sandy Rindy
      Sandy Rindy - 7 years ago

      Thanks – it has been a while. My political involvement has taken up much more of my time than I had anticipated, but I’m enjoying it. Chris helped Rod put up the new gazebo. It is so nice that Chris is willing to help Rod with these various projects.

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