It started with an old tractor.

Last year we began the process of acquiring our farm implements.  First up was the tractor with a bucket.  Rod found a used 1957 Ford 600 with only 1700 original hours.  It appeared to have been previously owned by a small municipality.

Rod's Baby

Rod’s Baby

This is just the right size tractor for our place.  Now we just needed the tiller, or so we thought.  Further research revealed the fact that this particular tractor was geared to high to pull a tiller.  Therefore, we began the search for additional attachments.

A drag was found less than 15 miles from home.  An older gentleman had a hobby of picking up old drags that needed a bit of work and selling them, lucky us!drag

It wasn’t long before we found someone that was selling a two bottom plow . . .two bottom plow

discand disc.

Now we have all the implements needed to work up the gardens.

Oh but wait!  Rod’s decided a new King Kutter single trench digger would sure be handy . . .trencherIt turns out this was just the ticket for digging the 30′ asparagus trenches.  Just goes to show, I should never question an old farm kid.  Although, it’s been awhile since he’s done field work,trench cutter error next time he may want to pull the trencher up before he sets out to do any digging!!

Now that we’re all set with the tractor and attachments, Rod has decided a tiller for the kitchen garden is needed.  That’s fine with me since the alternative is to work it up by hand, and we’re getting too old for that.  He found a nice used self propelled rear tine tiller.  We started it up to see how it did . . . the chickens thought it did a wonderful job of uncovering worms.rototiller  I’m not at all comfortable doing field work with the tractor, but I think I’ll do just fine with this tiller.

2 thoughts on “It started with an old tractor.

  1. Sandy Rindy
    Eric - 9 years ago

    Rod needs another tractor with a backhoe. 🙂

    1. Sandy Rindy
      Sandy Rindy - 9 years ago

      Hmm – I don’t think so. He is looking into a blade that I’m told will be helpful.

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