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We’ve had a busy couple of months.  In January I took on the role of Vice-Chair of the Green County Democratic Party, and have LOTS to learn.  I’m enjoying the challenge but it has taken some of my time from things like perusing Facebook and posting to our blog.

It hasn’t been all politics these last few months.  We recently attended a model train show for information regarding a garden train set up.  Rod would like to run one around the perennial bed in front of the house.  We picked up lots of ideas and a new toy.Train Set 1  He’s starting small and indoors.  The plan is to purchase enough track to eventually put my trunk back where it belongs and snake his “Broadway Express” around items that reside under our stairway.  In fact he has decided it would be fun to paint a sky complete with clouds and sun under the steps.Train Set 2

I had intended to share ideas on how to combat winter boredom in the chicken coop, but as I mentioned time got away from me.  One thing that helped our birds this winter was their sun room, which may not have been pretty but it sure did the trick.  On those bitter cold days (that were sunny) it was almost 40 degrees in that outdoor run.Once the snow was gone we were able to start pulling off the plastic walls and happy chickens began to venture.

  The girls also had a dirt box inside the coop this winter and LOVED it Bathing Box . . . after all who wants to go three or four months without a bath!!  To top off their spa like accommodations they are treated to a regular supply of fodder which is grown in our solarium.Growing fodder 1

Rod starts with a small amount of organic potting soilGrowing fodder 3 then sprinkles a liberal amount of pasture mix.Growing fodder 5

After about five days the trays on the heated mats have sproutedGrowing fodder 9, Growing fodder 10the ones without heat took another four to five days.

Even with all the nice sun and dome covers.Growing fodder 6

The chickens weren’t the only ones to receive fresh grown treats from winter gardening.  Rod potted a couple cherry tomato plants last fall and had success. wintered tomato 1wintered tomato 2 It may not have been a bumper crop, but we had enough for a nice salad and a few other mealswintered tomato 3

There was room in the pot of parsley that was brought in and we had lettuce seed left over.winter lettuce There isn’t much but it’s just right for sandwiches.  And just check out this snap dragon and pansy.wintered snaps wintered pansies

I’m so ready for SPRING!!

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