A creative break from farming.

Fall puts me in the mood to work on art and craft projects.  The same holds true for Rod, which is why he planned on spending some time in his new work shop building a cradle for my niece’s first baby, which was due September 14th.  You’ll notice I said “was“.Baby Cradle 1

Rod’s early fall project turned out to be a late summer one as our grandniece decided she was ready to join her parents on July 14th.  Fortunately the roofing crew had just completed the work on our house so he could put his focus on building the cradle.

Because this is an heirloom piece, he opted to purchased three red oak boards from a local mill.Baby Cradle 2 Unlike boards you would pickup at the large lumber yards or home improvement stores, these are rough cut sizes which require additional planing to achieve the exact thickness of board needed.Baby Cradle 3With the planing complete he begins cutting out the pieces.

First cuts are the lengths needed for the two ends.  They are joined and glued, making a board large enough to fit the pattern.Baby Cradle 4Baby Cradle 5

Back to more cutting while the ends dry.

A dado blade is used on the side rails, creating a groove that the spindles, spacers, and base will fit in.Baby Cradle 7

With all the pieces cut out and sanded the assembly can begin.Baby Cradle 10 Oh and yes, each of those spindles and spaces were sanded too . . . that’s a lot of sanding!!

While Rod worked on assembling the basket, I heated up my wood burner and wrote his name and year on the underside of the bottom rail.  I don’t think it turned out too badly considering I haven’t picked up that wood burner in over 25 years.Baby Cradle 11

With the basket complete, he can now finish the assembly.Baby Cradle 12

Baby Cradle 13After several coats of shellack we have a finished product . . .Baby Cradle 14and one content little Kylah Marie.

By the way, the afghan that covers her was made by “yours truly” 😉

2 thoughts on “A creative break from farming.

  1. Sandy Rindy
    Kathy McCain - 9 years ago

    These are truly gifts from the heart. I know they will treasure both forever.

  2. Sandy Rindy
    Don Thomson - 9 years ago

    Unbelievably beautiful, by which I mean both the craftsmanship and gesture. As someone who’s a keen follower of family history, I foresee Klyah’s great grandchild someday being laid down for a nap in this same cradle with some vague recollection of this guy Rod Rindy way back when who built it. But his name will indeed be recalled because it’s etched right there, and old family stories will be told. We sometimes forget when we look back at family history that we will someday be the historic ones! What a great way to be remembered this will be.

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