Sustainable Seed Straters 101.

Last year a couple of friends and I got together in mid February to start our seeds for the spring planting season. Seed Starting 2013

I know . . . WAY too early, but we had cabin fever and I was anxious to see how starting my seeds in our solarium would turn out.

Yup way too early, but my experiment with newspaper starter pots was a success.  This year we have added another member to our “seed starters” and have held off a month.  It may still be a bit early, but we are gathering this weekend so I need to get busy.

I love these starter pots since they are bio-degradable, easy to make, and very inexpensive.  If your thinking of starting your own seeds this year, rather than purchasing peat pots, you may want to give this a try.

You will need newspaper (opened my sheet is about 22″x11″), ruler, pencil, scissors, small cylinder (I find a 6 oz. tomato past can works well), tray for your seedlings.  I’ve gathered my tools and supplies now it’s onto the work room.Prep for seed starting

I measure for my strips marking at 3-3/4″ and 7-1/2″ across the sheet.Sustainable seed starters 1This will give me three strips (3-3/4″ x 22″) per sheet.

 Using my marks as guides, I draw out my two cut lines . . .Sustainable seed starters 3





. . .and cut.Sustainable seed starters 4a







Wrap the strip around the t. paste can starting about 3/4″ from the edge of the can,Sustainable seed starters 4b





leaving 1-1/4″ to fold in.Sustainable seed starters 5a






To make the bottom, beginning where your strip ended, fold the extended paper (4-5 folds) around the bottom of the can. Sustainable seed starters 5b

Slide the pot off the can and place it in a tray.Sustainable seed starters 9

We use the 21″x11″ trays you find at the local garden shops.Sustainable seed starters 10As you can see from the picture, the tray has holes for drainage so we nest this into a solid tray.

Well . ..with one tray done and two more to fill, I better get busy if I want to be ready for our seed starting session.Sustainable seed starters 11

Out of hibernation & into Spring cleaning . . .


Well Mother Nature is taking her own sweet time turning up the thermostat around here.  Although I’ll not complain too much, after all it was less than two weeks ago she dropped eight inches of snow on us.  As you can see from the picture, there is still a lot of snow to melt, and I don’t want to rush it . . . flooding is no fun! March snow 2

Since I can’t get started with outside clean up I will begin inside.  One of my many “when I retire” goals is to get my work room/studio organized.  The previous owners of this place had a hot tub (and the fridge!!) in the main entry area.AR4

One of the bedrooms was behind the tub and we felt this was an inefficient use of the space, so out came the tub and thus the beginnings of the “work room”.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith the tub out and walls sheet rocked things are really taking shape!Workroom 11Now this feels like some space I can work room reorgThere is still much to do.  I’m having a sink installed, there’s trim work to be done and a very good friend of mine, Kathy McCain, is making a custom stained glass for the top of the double french doors.  More pics to come in the future.

When you can’t plant the garden, you buy the seeds.

Well here we are, March 1st and I find myself looking out the window at the falling snow as we fill the jug of hot water for the small coop that houses our four bantam chickens.  I expect the snow, but what’s with the January temps??  I sure picked the right winter to join my husband in retirement, but now I’m ready for spring!!

Actually I was preparing for spring already in January when the seed catalogs arrived in the mail.seed selection  I really enjoy sitting down to a cup of coffee and making out my list of “must have” seeds.

Before I end up with an order that reaches well into the hundred dollar range, it’s time to visit the”seed box”.

seed surplus

 I found this plastic tackle box at a yard sale.  It’s great for keeping things close at hand when working in the garden. Not only do we keep our seeds in the tote, but the tray insert is a great place for our plant tags, marking pen, nipper, scissors, twine, and other small useful items.

Looks like we have plenty of seeds, but it wouldn’t be spring prep without ordering just a few . . . right??2014 seed orderMother Nature – let the spring thaw begin . .  no really, PLEASE WE NEED WARMTH!!!